Reservation & Wait List Policy

• Reservations are limited so it is important that you consider the date and time you would like to come in with more advanced notice. Please note that Front Street Grill will elect to not accept reservations during specific weekends, holidays, and town events.

• Please give us a call (360-682-2551) if you are going to be late or if you are unable to make your reservation time. Reservations that are late will not be contacted. Reservations that do not show up without calling will not be allowed to place a reservation in the future (manager/owner discretion based on circumstances surrounding).

• Guests who make a reservation and do not arrive on time (later than 5 minutes) will be placed on the wait list (provided there is a wait).

• A guest that calls ahead to notify us they are going to be late will have their table held for 15 minutes after their reservation time and then will be placed on the wait list, or you may change your reservation to a future available time slot.

• We ask that you make every attempt to arrive in Coupeville 30 minutes before your reservation time to take into account parking challenges and walking distance to restaurant. Please make every attempt to arrive 5-10 minutes before your reservation time.

• Special Table requests can be made but they are never a guarantee. Window table or specific table requests can be made, are noted, and if a specific table is available when you arrive then it will be made available to you. Specific tables may not be available at the reservation time initially requested but you are more than welcome to wait for a certain table if so desired. We will do everything we can to ensure ALL reservations (4 guests or less) are able to sit at a specific or window table when possible.

• Call-ahead wait list seating is not permitted.

• Guests on the wait list will only be seated if the entire group is present. Guests who are not on premise when their name is called for being on the wait list will be skipped over to the next in line.

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