By Richard 25 May, 2016
I can't begin to tell you both what a positive experience it has been
working with you, Alena. You have the perfect balance of professionalism
and authentic warmth. The rehearsal dinner for our son's wedding was a
success thanks to you, and to Rashad the helper you brought with you.

When I first called and spoke with you Alena, I was impressed by your
enthusiasm and your willingness to offer ideas and suggestions. From the
beginning, you were confident in your ability, and made me feel very
comfortable. When we changed the date on you, and changed numbers from
50, to 85, then finally to 47, you assured me you could accommodate our

Alena, you were very helpful putting the menu together. I had an idea of
what I was trying to present to our out of town guests, and you gave me
many options. In the end, you helped me narrow down the options and
achieve a fabulous meal with a true northwest feel. Our guests raved
about the salmon, smacked their lips at the berry dessert and were in awe
at the lavender lemonade. Thank you!

The day of the event, you were on time to our venue, the Nordic Lodge, and
ready to go. You had a great attitude and a helper, Rashad, so capable I
think you created him with magic. Several times Rashad asked me how I
wanted the tables set, and what he could do for me.   I feel he did a
wonderful job anticipating where he was needed. Just when water was
getting a bit low, he refilled the glasses. He brought guests extra
napkins, wiped up spills, assisted a handicapped guest, cleared plates,
served dessert, checked in with me often, all with a smile on his face.
Alena, I know you were instructing him the whole time. I could see the
respect he has for you.

After the dinner was over, you were efficient with the putting the food
away, and the clean up. You had "to go" containers for the extra food,
and made it easy for us to pack up. Rashad helped us with the tear down
of the room, and helped with loading food and beverages into our car.
There was a lot of clean up to do in the kitchen after we were finished in
the main room. With a great attitude, you assured us you could take care
of the rest, and we could leave to enjoy the rest of our evening. Sandra,
the manager of the Nordic Lodge, said the kitchen looked better after you
left, than it had before! Thank you!

I could go on about your sunny disposition, your delicious food, the
beautiful presentation and the variety of dishes that we enjoyed. Thank
you so much!  If you ever need a referral, please don't hesitate to ask

Sean, Alena is a wonderful representation of your restaurant. From
working with Alena, the Front Street Grill is moving to the top of my list
of restaurants.

Thank you so very much.

Joanne Montzingo

By Richard 25 May, 2016

And thanks again for everything - we're literally still hearing from people about how much they loved the food :) My one regret from the wedding is that I didn't eat more!!

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